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The 13th Annual John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day (SACAD) was held April 25, 2018


SACAD Video 

The main event was a poster and creative works exhibition in the FHSU Memorial Union Ballrooms featuring student and faculty work from College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship, the College of Education, the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences and the Werth College of Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Over 130 posters were exhibited, and over 600 students, faculty and community members participated as presenters or attendees. An exhibit of 147 creative works was also available for viewing. Fifteen oral presentations were given by faculty and students.  Special lectures, receptions and exhibits also took place on campus.

Awards were given for poster presentations to Undergraduate, Graduate, and Faculty/Staff for Empirical and Non Empirical research and scholarly work. A “People’s Choice Award” was also given.

Slide Show for Award Winning Projects

The winning posters are:

The People’s Choice Awards (poster): Alexis Summers (Nursing) Maternal infant bonding, Co-Investigator Brooklyn Bange & Dr. Kathleen Ward

The People’s Choice Awards (Art): Tristan Smith

2018 Scholarly and Creative Activities Day Poster Awards 


Involves examining a research question that is clearly defined and answerable by using standardized statistical methods on collected data. This may include either quantitatively or qualitatively collected data. 

Undergraduate Students                                                                                                         

1st Place: Nathan Smith (Biological Sciences) Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on drought-affected corn, Co – Investigator: Dr. Brian R. Maricle

2nd Place: Alexis Crispin (Economics, Finance and Accounting) Is a Country's Aggregate Income Related to Its Level of Happiness?,  Co – Investigator: Dr. Sam Schreyer       

3rd Place: Fred Schertz (Chemistry) Electronic Properties of a New Photosensitizer-Dye Derived from a Cadmium Selenide Mediated Retinoid/Carotenoid-Based Complexes of Rhenium (I), Co – Investigators: Jamison Bond, Runfan Yang, Amelia Richter,  Simwoo Bae, & Dr. Arvin J. Cruz

Graduate Students 

1st Place: Jared Ridder (Biological Sciences) RNA Interference of the Unfolded Protein Response in Acyrthosiphon pisum, Co – Investigator: Dr. James Balthazor                                                               

1st Place: Aline Rodrigues de Queiroz (Biological Sciences) Influence of light intensity on germination, vegetative development, and reproduction of three species of Asteraceae native to Kansas, Co – Investigator: Dr. Brian R. Maricle            

2nd Place: Katharine Rivers (Geosciences) Education at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History: Developing an Adult Program through Exploration of Successful Educational Models, Co – Investigator: Dr. Laura Wilson

3rd Place: Ashley Lockwood (Psychology) Tolerance among college students: Attitudes towards juveniles with mental illness, Co – Investigators: Brooke Mann, Dr. April Terry, & Dr. Whitney Jeter                           


1st Place: Dr. Gary Andersen (Advanced Education Programs) Adjunct and Faculty Survey: Perceptions of Rigor and Quality, Co – Investigator: Nicole M Frank         

2nd Place: Dr. Robert Keener (Agriculture) Prebiotic and Probiotic Influence on Beef Calves Immunity, Co – Investigators: Dr. Yasuhiro Kobayashi, Mariah Beikman, Shaylee Flax, Brittany Starkey, & Mike Stoppel

3rd Place: Dr. April Terry (Justice Studies) Sweep it under the rug: The stronghold of surname in response to sexual assault in frontierland

Non Empirical

Comprehensive and careful consolidation of available information within a domain or reinterpretation of that information within a new framework or context. It does not use standardized statistical methods on collected data.

Undergraduate Students

1st Place: Maegan Karlin (Nursing) Effectiveness of Bed Alarms on Falls, Co – Investigators: Jenny Schoenecker & Dr. Kathleen Ward                                                                                                           

2nd Place: Emily Schumacher (Nursing) Curbing the Appetite on Emotional Eating, Co – Investigator: Vanessa Hernandez

2nd Place: Abbie Maxwell (Nursing) Testing Anxiety in Nursing Students, Co – Investigators: Marley Palmer & Dr. Kathleen Ward

3rd Place: Cody Moon (Health and Human Performance) Is the Use of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Effective in Decreasing Pain and Increasing Function in Patients With Plantar Fasciitis 

Graduate Students

1st Place: Lyndie Glidewell (Advanced Education Programs) Overcoming Barriers to Promote Parent Partnerships, Co – Investigators: Annette Fieger, Bryon Sturm, Andrew Weese, & Brooke Moore, PhD  

2nd Place: Jordan Petz (Nursing) Academic Electronic Health Record Implementation Proposal, Co – Investigators: Dr. Christine Hober, Tanya Smith, &  Rebecca Sander. 

2nd Place: Trevor Williams (Geosciences) Designing a Measure of Effectiveness for Exhibits Communicating Evolutionary Theory at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Co – Investigator: Dr. Laura Wilson 

3rd Place: Scout Harrison (Biological Sciences) Plant-Soil Microbiome Feedback Impacts on Native and Non-native Grasses Throughout Kansas, Co – Investigator: Dr. Mitchell J. Greer 


1st Place: Dr. Laura Wilson (Geosciences) - Seabirds as Ecological Indicators in Late Cretaceous Marine Environments

2nd Place: Michelle Van Der Wege, MSN, APRN, FNP-C (Nursing) The Gamification of Pharmacology, Co – Investigators: Shauna Keil, MSN, RN-BC & Patricia Drees, MSN, RN           

3rd Place: Dr. Brooke Moore (Advanced Education Programs) Integrating Evidence-Based Reading into Middle-School Instruction: Exploring Sustainability, Co – Investigators: Alison G. Boardman, University of Colorado-Boulder, Cristin Jensen-Lasser, Regis University, Kimberly M. Schmidt, University of Colorado-Boulder, Clara E. Smith, University of Colorado-Boulder, & Vanessa Santiago-Schwarz, University of Colorado-Boulder                

SACAD Art Exhibition


  1. Tyler Dallis
  2. Harley Torres
  3. Ngoc Nini Nguyen


  1. J. R. Hahn
  2. Craig Cropek
  3. Trent Burhenn


  1. Kandra Hall
  2. McKenna O’Hare
  3. McKenna O’Hare


  1. Noah Wellbrock-Talley
  2. Brett Novak
  3. Billie Spears


  1. Verdell Haws
  2. Emily Kohls
  3. Billie Spears


  1. Felix Albl
  2. Felix Albl
  3. Felix Albl


  1. Erin Pascal
  2. Ngoc Nini Nguyen
  3. Ashley Hidebrand 

Graduate Art

  1. Kurt Breshears
  2. Zane Mahanna
  3. Can Long

Senior Recognition

  1. Bri Shores
  2. Juana Estrada


  1. Linda Ganstrom

The awards are made possible thanks to a generous gift to the FHSU Foundation in memory of Dr. John Heinrichs, who worked tirelessly to expand research opportunities for FHSU students and faculty. The John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day is sponsored by the Scholarship Environment Committee, the offices of the provost and the deans, and the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects.

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Faculty are encouraged to consider using SACAD to provide out-of-the-classroom opportunities to engage students. Here are a few ways to integrate SACAD into the classroom experience:

  1. Encourage students to present creative works in the form of projects, recitals, plays, performances, demonstrations, presentations, etc. for in-class credit.
  2. Provide extra credit or other incentives for attending relevant activities, writing articles for publication, creating web communications, or taking photos/film clips of SACAD events.
  3. Allow students to write reactions to present in class, or hold a class discussion of ideas and inspirations.
  4. Require students to attend SACAD events in lieu of class time.

The SACAD Committee welcomes suggestions for future activities. Contact Leslie Paige with questions or suggestions.

Leslie Paige
Fort Hays State University
600 Park St.
Hays, KS 67601
Office: Forsyth Library 036
Office Phone: 785-628-4349 

To see the 2017 program, click here. To watch a slideshow of the 2017 poster submissions, click here. To read the Press Release and see the winners, click here.

SACAD is sponsored by the Scholarship Environment Committee, the Office of the Provost and the Deans.

Check out these videos of previous SACADs!

2017 Undergraduates

2017 Graduate Students





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