Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2018, Spring 2019 and Summer 2019

Ceremony Basics


When and where is the commencement ceremony held?

The commencement ceremony is held in Gross Memorial Coliseum.


Where do I park for the commencement ceremony?

You can park in the Gross Memorial Coliseum parking lot until it is filled. Typically, this lot fills up at least one hour before commencement and traffic is extremely heavy. If you plan to park in the lot, leave early to allow sufficient arrival time.

Once the Gross Memorial Coliseum parking lot is full, you will be directed to other areas on campus. A shuttle bus service is available to and from Gross Memorial Coliseum for those who park on campus.


What provisions will be made for mobility challenged attendees of the commencement ceremony?

The area between gates 2 and 3 at Gross Memorial Coliseum is a designated drop-off zone for mobility challenged guests. Access vans will be available on campus to transport disabled guests to and from Gross Memorial Coliseum.

Seating is available in the bleacher areas on either side in front of the stage. No reservations are available for this section. One person, if necessary, may accompany an individual in this seating area. There is not sufficient space in this area for entire families.

An interpreter will be available near Section C on the main floor for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. Limited seating within close proximity will be available.

An elevator to the balcony is located between gates 2 and 3. Please note that you will have to climb at least a few stairs once on the balcony level to reach the seating area.


Diploma, Cap & Gown

Where can I get my cap and gown?

You can pick up your cap, gown, tassel and name card from the Tiger Spirit Shop. The pick-up dates and times in the Memorial Union are yet to be scheduled.

If you would like your cap and gown mailed to you, please contact the Tiger Spirit Shop.

How and when will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to the address you indicated on your intent to graduate form, NOT your permanent address. To change the address your diploma will be mailed to, you will need to contact your degree analyst in the Registrar's Office, 785-628-4222, before the end of your final semester.

If I don't attend the ceremony, can I still get my cap and gown?

Yes. If you are unable to attend the commencement ceremony, the Tiger Spirit Shop will ship your cap and gown to you.

Honors at Graduation

Why am I not listed as graduating with honors?

There is no honors distinction for Master's or Ed.S. degrees.

For undergraduate students, honors are calculated based on students' cumulative (from all colleges attended) and FHSU grade point averages. Both the cumulative and the FHSU GPA must be at or above the required level in order to be recognized for graduating with honors.

Will I receive honor cords to wear at commencement if I'm graduating with honors?

The Registrar's Office does provide honor cords for undergraduate students.. They can be picked up with your cap and gown. Also, some departments on campus provide their graduates with cords or other adornments to be worn during the commencement ceremony. Contact your department for more information.

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