Services of the Docking Institute

  • Governmental Services
    Scientific survey methods to accurately assess opinions about the quality of your agency's programs and services
  • Labor Availability Services
    Accurate documentation of quality and available of labor in your area to ensure your community's economic well-being
  • Housings Surveys
    Determine housing needs and trends, and apply scarce public funds in an efficient and effective manner
  • Economic Impact Research
    An analytical approach to access and quantify the measurable public costs and benefits of a specific project, business or policy
  • Program Evaluation
    Provides tangible documentation to a programs effectiveness - critical to receive or maintain funding
  • Strategic Planning
    Process designed to help leaders make effective choices to prioritize scarce resources
  • Grants Facilitation
    Develop a customized strategy for proposed submission based on the needs

Available Labor Studies YouTube Video (click below):

Strategic Planning YouTube Video (click below):

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