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The new FHSU website homepage is a great location to have your announcement and/or event showcased. The homepage has multiple places devoted to highlighting spotlights, features, announcements, etc. Here is a description of each area along with details on how to submit requests:
Homepage Banner
News Releases / Headlines

Homepage Banner

The homepage banner is an area that is used to showcase big events, awards, student successes, and more. Items featured in this area will need to have supporting pages on the website that can be linked to get further information on the subject.

To submit a homepage banner request, follow these instructions. *All homepage banners are selected by the University Website Committee at monthly meetings. Please submit your request at least one month before the requested run dates.

Email Kelsey Stremel, the following items:

  • Subject line of email should be "Request for Homepage Banner"
  • High resolution photo/image - size should be 1009 x 406 pixels.
  • Images should be easily scannable and encourage viewers to click the link to learn the details. Each slide only displays for six seconds, so do not make the image text-heavy or too busy.
  • The caption box is 300 x 186 pixels and is always located in the same spot on the left side of the banner. Style your photos or images to accommodate it!
  • Short description/caption to be used in the content box. Captions should be about 100 - 160 character without spaces.
  • Title to be used in the content box (up to 40 characters without spaces)
  • URL to page on FHSU website containing additional information
  • Date(s) to be posted (submit at least 1 month in advance)



Official News Releases

For official news releases, contact University Relations.


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