Greetings from Hays!

As a Fort Hays State University parent or family member, we hope that Parent & Family Programs serves as a home for you, offering support, resources, and events that will enhance you and your student's experience. Whether you are a first year parent or your student is a senior, we are excited to serve you and have a variety of programs that will hopefully meet your families' needs.

Throughout your student's college years, our office is here to communicate, educate, and support you and your family along the way. While you may not be able to join us on campus every day, you are vital members of our campus community and critical to your student's success and retention. We encourage you to stay connected through events, monthly e-newsletters, and in the Family Association.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, contact us by calling 785-628-5824 or by emailing us at fye@fhsu.edu.

Fall 2018 University Bookstore Announcement: Starting with the Fall 2018 term, Fort Hays State University will launch a new online bookstore for all textbooks and course materials while the campus store has been revamped into a spirit store that sells branded merchandise, school supplies, and other items. Selecting and ordering books will be done completely online and students will have their course materials shipped to them on an individual basis. For more information, visit https://fhsu.edu/union/tiger-sprit-shop/index.

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