Tiger Family Team

The Tiger Family Team consists of current students' families who are willing to communicate with new FHSU parents and families. This also gives families the opportunity who are from the same regional area to make a visit to campus together.

Parent Name(s): James & Gina Philo
Family email: Prismphilo74@yahoo.com
Larned, KS
Student's Name: Patricia Humphrey (2018)
Student's Major: Art Education

Parent Name(s): Jennifer Ewing
Family email: Jennifer.Ewing.ko52@statefarm.com, ewingfamily22@yahoo.com
Salina, KS
Student's Name: Jack Duffield (2018)
Student's Major: Secondary Education & History
Involvement at FHSU: on-campus student employment, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Intramural sports

Parent Name(s): Donna Lubbers
Family email: dlubbers@usd489.com
Hays, KS
Student's Name: Allison Hohman (2018)
Student's Major: K-12 Music Education
Involvement at FHSU: Marching Band, Concert Band, Clarinet Choir, Catholic Disciples, Circle K International, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County, on-campus student employment

Parent's Name(s): John & Heather Ashley
Family email: heather.ashley@bnsf.com
Hoyt, KS
Student's Name: Austin Ashley (2018)
Student's Major: Justice Studies

Parent's Name(s): Traci & Garry Griffin
Family email: tracigillgriff@msn.com
Parker, CO
Student's Name: Cassidy Griffin
Student's Major: Nursing

Parent's Name(s): Lisa Ingram
Family email: lisaella1001@gmail.com
Colorado Springs, CO
Student's Name: Ella Ingram (2018)
Student's Major: Nursing
Involvement at FHSU: on-campus student employment, Nightingale Power Learning Community, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority

Parent Name(s): Jodi Kramer
Family email: jodimkramer@gmail.com
Wray, CO
Student Names: Victoria Kramer & Josh Kramer
Student Major: Social Work (Victoria) & Political Science (Josh)

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