When is FHSU's application for admission deadline?
FHSU does not have a deadline for applying for admission. There is however a $30 application fee, and the application will not be processed until it is paid. You can send a check made payable to FHSU, send your credit card information in with the application, or call your payment in to the Registrar's Office at 785.628.4222.

When does FHSU's Housing Contract Become Available Online?
Early January! You can access it by going to www.fhsu.edu/reslife and following the instructions. There you can print, fax in, or follow the instructions on their TigerTracks web portal to reserve their room and meal plan.

When is FHSU's Financial Aid Deadline?
FHSU does not have a Financial Aid deadline. The application becomes available after January 1st. For more information, visit www.fhsu.edu/finaid. The Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) has a priority deadline of March 15th. A student must me admitted to FHSU in order for a financial aid application to be processed.

When is FHSU's Scholarship Deadline?
FHSU gives nearly $3 million per year in scholarships to their students. Priority deadline for these is December 15, and final deadline is February 15th. You can check out what scholarships are available for your student at www.fhsu.edu/finaid.

When Does Your Student Get Assigned a Roommate?
Roommates will be assigned and you will be notified in early summer. Make sure your student is checking their FHSU email because that's how they will be notified. For more information on TigerTracks and FHSU Mail, please visit https://tigertracks.fhsu.edu/.

What is TigerTracks and FHSU Mail?
TigerTracks is your students' one-stop shop for personalized access to campus web services. Features include TigerTracks Webmail (FHSU email), Blackboard, Transcript, Grades, Semester Schedule, Announcements, Advisor Information and much more! FHSU Mail is your student's campus email. It will appear as: theirname@mail.fhsu.edu.

Keeping Your Student Healthy
FHSU's Student Health Center has nurses and doctors on staff and offers a variety of services at a minimal cost. Office hours are Mon.-Thurs. 8am-4pm and Fri. 9am-4pm and appointments may also be made by calling 785.628.4293. For more specific information, go to www.fhsu.edu/studenthealth.

Campus Safety
FHSU Campus Police patrols the University campus, Sternberg Museum of Natural History, FHSU Foundation property, the University Farm, the Pavilion, parking lots and residence halls 24 hours/day, 365 days/year and employs nine full-time, armed, state-certified police officers and one unarmed security officer. Their services include escorts, jump starts, vehicle unlocks (if located on campus), small amounts of fuel, air bubble, direct cell phone access after office hours and kiosk phones located throughout campus. Additional information can be found at http://www.fhsu.edu/police.

Additional Services
FHSU students are provided with numerous counseling services through the Kelly Center. It provides Personal Counseling Services for guiding personal growth, Academic Success Programs for enhancing academic skills, Testing Services for administering national exams, and the Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network for preventing and treating alcohol and drug abuse. Additional information can be found at http://www.fhsu.edu/kellycenter/.

Computer Information
FHSU requires all students to bring a mobile computing device (laptop, tablet or netbook). This is because we offer free wireless internet campus-wide, including in the residential halls, academic buildings and even the Quad! FHSU recommends tablet laptops because of the extra capabilities included with the swivel screen and stylus pen. Students also have the opportunity to receive free software downloads that connects their laptops to their professor's laptops! Additional information can be found at http://www.fhsu.edu/tigertech .

FHSU Career and Internship Opportunities
FHSU Career Services offers many free services to students, faculty and staff, and alumni. Some of these services include career fairs throughout the year, mock interviews, resume building, and job opportunity searches. Students can create a profile and receive updates on upcoming events and interviews on campus. Additional information can be found at www.fhsu.edu/career/.

Student Parking
Students purchase their parking permits from the University Police office in Custer Hall at the beginning of each school year. On-campus parking permits are $13 and are allowed to park in Zone 2, which is primarily around the residential halls. Please see www.fhsu.edu/police for a complete map and more information on parking.

Interested in Athletics?
FHSU offers eight men's and eight women's athletics. An easy way to get your students information directly to the coach is to submit the Prospective Player Profile, found on www.fhsuathletics.com. It's a simple form that gets the coach your information and know you're interested.


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