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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Pre-Law Concentration

The Legal Studies/Pre-Law concentration is for those interested in pursuing a career in law. We offer:

A Challenging Academic Program: We prepare you for the rigors of law school through lectures, seminars, mock trials, simulations and guest lecturers that provide a solid foundation of the legal system and issues.

Excellent LSAT Preparation: Many of our students report that their performance on the LSAT was improved as a result of the LSAT Preparation course. This course gives students opportunities to practice questions and analyze their strengths and weaknesses as they prepare for that law school entrance exam.

A Proven Training Ground for Law School: Our curriculum will help prepare you for the challenges of a law school curriculum. Courses like Introduction to Law will provide you with a basic legal vocabulary and knowledge base that provides a solid foundation for your first year of law school. Other courses like Constitutional Law and American Civil Liberties prepare you for the required constitutional law courses you'll encounter in law school. Plus, because of our emphasis on academic rigor, you'll already know the basics of legal research and writing before they ever walk onto the law school campus.

Whether you want to study and practice in Kansas or elsewhere, we can help you gain access to some of the top law schools in the country (or abroad). Many of our students have won full-ride scholarships and gone on to successful careers in the field of law.

Program Summary


55 hours of General Education
34 hours of Program hours (22 core courses, 12 hours in subfields)
10 hours of Modern Language
25 hours upper division electives (300 level or higher)
2 hours of free electives
124 hours total credit hours for the degree

Departmental Core Curriculum

Political Science Subfields (12 hours, including a seminar)

  • Must take a minimum of 3 credit hours from 4 of the 5 subfields.
  • Must take at least one Political Science seminar. Seminars may count toward subfields as approved by advisor.
  • Not all courses are offered annually. Some are offered once a year, every other year, or every few years.
  • Courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

American Politics

POLS 103: State and Local Government

POLS 401: The Congress

POLS 403: The Presidency

POLS 661: American Political Parties

POLS 660: Political Campaign Management

POLS 664: Political Behavior

POLS 665: Interest Groups and Lobbying

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):Ho

International Relations/Comparative Politics

POLS 609: Model UN (1+ hours)

POLS 240: Comparative Governments of Industrialized Societies

POLS 631: American Foreign Policy

POLS 632: Problems and Issues in World Politics

POLS 640: Comparative Politics

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):

Public Law

POLS 320: Introduction to Law

POLS 422: Legal Advocacy

POLS 425: Legal Research Methods

POLS 620: Constitutional Law

POLS 621: American Civil Liberties

PHIL 310: Legal Philosophy

Other (note here Topics course has been included):

Political Theory

POLS 650: History of Political Theory

POLS 651: Recent Political Theories

POLS 653: American Political Thought

PHIL 301: Philosophy of Law

Other (note here if a Topics course has been included):

Public Administration/Public Policy

POLS 310: Introduction to Public Administration

POLS 400: Urban Politics

POLS 611: Policy Analysis

POLS 612: The Administrative Process

POLS 614: Budgeting

POLS 616: Public Personnel Management

Other (note here if a Seminar course has been included):


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