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Phone/Chat Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 7:30am - 8pm CT
Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm CT
Saturday: 9am - 5pm CT
Sunday: Noon - 8pm CT

Walk-in Assistance
127 Tomanek Hall
M-F: 8am-4:30pm CT

Technology Services
101 Tomanek Hall

Self-Help Online

Request Services

Steps to obtain computing access for new FHSU employees

Request computing SERVICES by filling out the CTC Request for Services form in Lotus Notes Workspace

  • Requests for services should be sent by the Departmental Administrative Assistant or by the employee to the appropriate sections within Technology Services, as listed in the Lotus Notes CTC Request for Services application.
  • How to access Lotus Notes Applications

Request PURCHASES of Technology Equipment or Software


Telecommunication Services:
For more information, see Telecommunication Services.

  • Telephones
  • New or Changed Phone Extensions
  • Cell Phone Services
  • Conference Call Services

Computer Services for Faculty/Staff

  • Order a New Mac or PC Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • Rebuild a University Computer (i.e., to reassign a desktop or tablet to a new person)
  • Order or upgrade software for a University Computer
  • Perform maintenance on a University Computer, including data recovery or virus removal
  • Retire an old University Computer (securely remove all data and send to state salvage)

Network Services:

  • Install or reconfigure Lotus Notes Client software on a University Computer - (required for accessing Workflow or other LN database applications).
  • Set up special Network Security - (i.e., to access departmental servers, etc…)

Whenever FHSU faculty or staff use the Lotus Notes Client program, CICS, or their shared folders on an FHSU server from an off-campus location, they must connect to FHSU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) first. Connecting to the VPN requires an FHSU network login and VPN software.

Submit a CTC Request for Services to the Security section (under Information Center Services) to request the following services. Please note that appropriate security approval must be provided before these requests will be fulfilled. (Note: Network security requests should be submitted to the Network and Servers section.)

  • CICS Security
  • TigerEnroll Security
  • Add or remove users from Lotus Notes e-mail groups in the FHSU Address Book

IFAS Security is managed through the Business Office.

Mediated Classroom Support:
The Departmental Administrative Assistant should have a key that can be used to access Mediated Classrooms in your department. For assistance with using equipment in a Mediated Classroom, call TigerTech at 785-628-FHSU and provide the following information: Your name, the Building and Room Number, and how long you will be at that location.

Optical Mark Recognition (mark sense) Test Scanning and Grading:
150-question answer sheets are available for pick-up at the Dispatch Window (Tomanek Hall 111). Please make sure the students use No. 2 pencils and erase cleanly. No. 2 pencils are available at the Dispatch Window. Return the score sheets and complete the test scanning request form at the Dispatch Window. Your test will be scored and the desired reports printed within 24 hours, M-F. You will be notified when the job is completed. For more information, contact Jane Rajewski at ext. 5819 or Alvin Hearne at ext. 5687.

Statistical Consulting:
Basic Statistical Consulting services are available upon request. For more information, contact Mike Muensch at ext. 5890.

Standard Report Programs, Mailing Labels, Ad Hoc Reports, or Data Downloads:
Use the appropriate CTC Request for Services option under the Information Center Services section to request these services. For more information about the various types of reports, labels, or data available, contact Alvin Hearne at ext. 5687 or Jane Rajewski at ext. 5819.

Training and Assistance:
Training for various systems and applications is available from Technology Services. In addition, a vast collection of online self-help tutorials is available through Atomic Learning, Learning Technologies and The Learning Commons (at Forsyth Library).

Requesting Removal of Services for Terminated Employees:

When employment has been terminated with the University, regardless of the reason, it is the Department's responsibility to request removal of computing services for the employee at the earliest opportunity.

  • These services are NOT removed upon termination unless specifically requested by the Department or individual: TigerTracks, FHSU Mail student e-mail, and Blackboard.
    • Note: Inactive FHSU Mail accounts of terminated employees may be removed at any time without notice in accordance with the Student E-Mail Lifetime Use Policy. Discontinued accounts can be reinstated upon request.
  • The only other service that may be continued (as a courtesy) for employees who have officially retired is Lotus Notes e-mail. Security to access Workflow or other Lotus Notes applications will be removed.

The Department Chair or Departmental Administrative Assistant should submit a CTC Request for Services to the Network and Servers section.
The following information should be provided:

  • Name (First, Middle Initial, and Last)
  • FHSU ID Number
  • Termination Date (Final date of employment)
  • Statement: "Please remove all computing services for Name."
  • If there is a need for any service(s) to remain temporarily active, specify the following:
    • Name of service(s)
    • Reason for temporarily retaining the service(s)
    • Effective Date for Removal of the temporary service(s)
  • If the employee is retiring, please specify whether the employee wishes to retain or discontinue their Lotus Notes e-mail service.
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