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Learn to Use FHSU Mail!

FHSU Mail is a Free lifetime e-mail account that are issued to Fort Hays State University students. Students can access FHSU Mail by clicking Gmail on the main FHSU page.

Students can access their mail account within one business day after applying to FHSU.

FAQ'SMobile MailMail ForwardingE-Mail Name Change

How to Activate Your Account

  1. Activate your login.
    To activate your TigerNetID and view your FHSU e-mail address, go to: www.fhsu.edu/activate/
  2. To log in & use your FHSU e-mail, log in to the TigerTracks portal at: tigertracks.fhsu.edu/ and click on the Webmail tab.

NOTE: Mail cannot be received by your new FHSU Mail account until your TigerNetID is activated!

What Is My Email Address?

The format for your e-mail address isYourTigerTracksUsername@mail.fhsu.edu, where YourTigerTracksUsername is your first initial, middle initial, and last name. (For example: abstudent)

Ways to Protect Your Account

  • If you believe someone knows your TigerNetID password, you should change it immediately at the TigerNetID Password Reset Page.
  • You are held legally responsible for any activity that occurs through use of your account.
  • If you do not know your TigerNetID password and are unable to recover it using the TigerTracks registration site, please TigerTech for password assistance.
  • NEVER send private information such as usernames, social security numbers, birth dates, or bank account numbers in an email. We will NEVER ask you to provide private information in an e-mail.

Because FHSU is unable to provide support for other e-mail systems, we recommend accessing your FHSU Mail account directly in order to receive official University mail and messages. However, if you wish, you may forward your FHSU Mail to another account of your choice.

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