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As student affairs professionals we work tirelessly every day to create an unparalleled college student experience focused on helping each member of our learning community succeed. We do this by aligning our talents and resources with eight strategic areas of practice. Learn more about the eight strategic areas, FHSU student services, and the professional contributions of our team.

Strategic Areas of Practice

Student Success
The Division of Student Affairs will be knowledgeable about our students, patterns, of swirling forms of matriculation present at FHSU, and how those factors interact with designing effective student success programs.  We are committed to serving FHSU students in all three modalities (on-campus, virtual, and through international partnerships).  In alliance with our colleagues across the University; and as a result of the delivery of excellence student services and programs, recruitment, retention, and graduation rates are strengthened.

Student Leaning
The Division of Student Affairs embraces the notion that student learning and personal development are intertwined.  These concepts are core to our work.  We recognize that effective student affairs work must be grounded in the assessment of student learning.  We will therefore contribute to a vibrant learning communities by creating learning objectives for our programs and services, expanding our capacity to be reflective practitioners, and operating within a culture of evidence.

Assessment & Accountability
The Division of Student Affairs will create and sustain organizational systems, processes, and a culture that facilitates evidenced-based decision-making, purposeful planning, and innovation that drives solutions.  We will be intentional about establishing goals in alignment with the University and our profession.  We will continually enhance our knowledge of assessment and evaluation practices.  We will use research findings to advance the understanding of student issues and design best practice strategies to enhance success.

Civic & Community Engagement
The Division of Student Affairs will engage students and the community in mentally beneficial programs and activities designed to  students' sense of civic responsibility while encouraging self-reflection, exploration, and discovery.

Global Understanding & Engagement
The Division of Student Affairs will create inclusive environments, intentionally foster a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity, and structure opportunities to prepare students to meet the challenge of an increasingly interconnected world.

The Division of Student Affairs will identify and develop cross-division, interdisciplinary, and community initiatives with the greatest potential to strengthen our role as an engaged-partner.

Lifelong Learning
Through continuing staff development opportunities, the Division of Student Affairs will enhance the skills and talents of our staff.  We will actively engage in the scholarship of our discipline and the application of that knowledge to FHSU.  We are dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and nurturing talent at all levels and strive to be the best at what we do.

Efficiencies & Technology
In alignment with the University's focus on affordability, the Division of STudent Affairs will actively seek to improve efficiencies and utilize employee-driven teams to evaluate and design how work is accomplished.  We will actively explore and adopt innovative ways o use technology to improve the delivery of programs and services.  WE will be good stewards of our resources.  WE will align revenue and expense with the division priorities as outlined in the Foundational Framework for the Division of Student Affairs," FHSU Plan The Duty to Dream, and Kansas Board of Regents plan Foresight 2020.

Student Services

Staff Achievements

Service to Our Profession

Presentations & Publications

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