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Majors, Minors & Programs A-Z

A major indicates a concentrated area of study. Throughout your college career, you'll take more classes from that area than any other-that's how you'll gain expertise in that field. A minor is also concentrated study in one area, but requires fewer classes. Combining a major and a minor is not only a great way to earn a degree in a field you love, but doing so also allows you to study another subject about which you're passionate.

Note that there are some academic programs not listed below. Many departments offer certificate programs that allow you to further focus your study in a certain academic field. Please explore each department's Academic Programs page to learn more about those options.

Pre-professional programs are paths of concentrated study that prepare you to gain entry and succeed in professional schools (medical school, law school, etc.).

Agriculture (M, m)

  • Agricultural Education
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Science
  • General Agriculture

Agricultural Business

Allied Health (M, O, A)
Medical Diagnostic Imaging

  • Ultrasound

Applied Business Studies (M, m)

Business Education, BS
  • Corporate Communication
  • Teacher Licensure
  • Training and Development
Marketing, BBA
  • General Marketing
  • Business Development and Sales
  • Digital Marketing
Tourism & Hospitality Management, BS
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Events Management
  • Health and Wellness Tourism


Applied Technology (M, O, A)

Technology Studies

  • Construction Management
  • Engineering Design Technology (drafting, CAD, graphics)
  • Construction Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Technology and Engineering Education

Technology Leadership

  • Business and Industry
  • Career and Technical Education

Associate of Applied Science in Technology and Leadership

  • Business Communication
  • Business Training Systems
  • Industrial Technology (2 years)
  • Leadership Studies

Art and Design(M, m)


  • Studio Art
  • Art History

Art Education
Art, BFA

  • Graphic Design, BFA
  • Interior Design, BFA
  • Studio Art, BFA

Biological Sciences (M, m)

  • Botany
  • Biodiversity/Conservation
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Fishery Biology
  • Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Medical Technology
  • Rangeland Conservation
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Pre-Veterinary
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry
  • Zoology

General Science

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geosciences
  • Physics

Chemistry (M)

  • Environmental
  • Teacher Education
  • Biochemistry
  • Forensic Science

General Science

  • Chemistry

Communication Sciences and Disorders (M)
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Studies (M, m)

  • General Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Public Relations and Advertising

Computer Science (M)
Computer Science

  • Business
  • Geographic Applications
  • Mathematics
  • Networking
  • Physics
  • Technology Studies

Economics, Finance, and Accounting (M, m)

Accounting, BBA (M, O, m)
  • No concentration (O)
  • Public Accounting concentration
Economics (m)

Finance, BBA (M, m)

  • No concentration
  • Banking concentration
  • Economics concentration
  • Financial Planning concentration
International Business & Economics, BBA (M, O, m)

English (M, m)

  • Literature
  • Teaching
  • Writing

General Science

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

General Studies

  • General Business
  • Business
  • Networking Information Systems
  • Information Networking and Telecommunications
  • Information Networking
  • Criminal Justice
  • Justice Studies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Business English
  • Business Management
  • International Finance
  • Legal Studies
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Health Sciences
  • Education
  • Chemistry Studies
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer Science Studies
  • Literature Studies
  • Geosciences Studies
  • Historical Studies
  • Mathematical Studies
  • Musical Studies
  • Philosophical Studies
  • Political Studies
  • Psychological Studies
  • Human Services
  • Child Development
  • Technological Studies
  • Agricultural Studies
  • Biological Studies
  • Health and Physical Education Studies
  • Health Promotion
  • Gerontology

Geosciences (M, m)

  • Traditional Geology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Paleontology
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Technology Applications

Geography (also available Online)

  • GIS/Geospatial Technology/Location Analysis
  • Physical/Atmospheric/Environmental
  • Human/Urban/Social

Health and Human Performance (M)
Athletic Training
Health and Human Performance

  • Exercise Science
  • Fitness Programming
  • Gerontology
  • Health Promotion
  • Sport Management
  • Recreation
  • Sport and Exercise Therapy
  • K-12 Teaching/Coaching

History (M, m)

  • Comprehensive Middle School

Informatics (M, m)

Information Networking and Telecommunications (M, m, O)
  • Computer Networking (M, m, O)
  • Digital Media Production & Journalism (M, m)
  • Web and Mobile Application Development (M, m, O)
Management Information Systems, BBA (M, O)


Justice Studies (M, m, O)
Justice Studies

Leadership Studies (M, m, O, A)
Organizational Leadership

Management (M, m, O)

Management, BBA (M, O)
  • Human Resources Management (O)
  • Business Administration (m, O)
  • Entrepreneurship (m)
  • International Business (m, O)
  • Management (m, O)

Mathematics (M, m)


  • Industrial/Academic
  • Middle School Math
  • Teaching

Modern Languages (M, m)
Foreign Language

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Spanish & Teacher Education Dual Major

Music and Theatre (M, m)

  • Theatre
  • Music Education
  • Performance
  • Theory and Composition

General Studies, Theatre
General Studies, Music

Nursing (M, m, O)
Nursing, BSN

Philosophy (M, m, O)

Physics (M, m)
Physics and Engineering (3+2 Dual Degree Program)
Physical Science

  • Teacher Education

General Science, Physics

Political Science (M, m, O)
Political Science

  • American Politics
  • International Relations/Comparative Politics
  • Political Management
  • Political Theory
  • Pre-law/Legal Studies
  • Public Administration/Public Policy

General Studies, Political Science

Psychology (M, m)
General Studies, Psychological Studies

Social Work
Social Work (M)


Sociology (M, m, O)

Teacher Education (M, m, O)
Elementary Education
Early Childhood Unified
Secondary Education
Secondary Education
Special Education

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Political Management
Pre-Public Administration
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Pre-Med (Biology Option)
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy

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*Note: Even if a department offers online degree options, they might not offer them for each degree program. If you're interested in a particular discipline, you should examine the department's website and explore all their options.

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