Research & Scholarly Activities at FHSU

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At Fort Hays State University, faculty and students are more than teachers and learners-they're also scholars. Passionately curious, our faculty and student community regularly pursues scholarly research and creative work. This scholarly activity not only distinguishes our faculty and communities regionally, nationally and internationally, but these pursuits also shine a light on the institutional nature of Fort Hays State University as an incubator of academic and artistic discovery.

Because of its size, FHSU resides in an exciting research niche: We're big enough to offer our faculty and students the resources needed to conduct research and creative scholarship at the highest level, but we're also small enough to provide ample opportunity to anyone interested in conducting research-lower division undergraduate students don't have to "wait their turn," and faculty are encouraged to think creatively and expand the very definition of research. Our institutional personality embraces innovation, and that spirit is constantly seen in exciting academic and creative scholarship.

We invite you to explore how the university fosters scholarship, at the faculty, graduate and undergraduate levels. We're also proud of the research contributions of our Kansas Academy for Math & Science participants and we're happy to provide research resources for high school teachers and students.

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