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Fort Hays State University
Office of Admissions
Picken Hall 211
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601
Phone: 785-628-5666
Fax: 1-800-432-0248
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Admissions Staff

Jon Armstrong
Picture of Jon Armstrong

Interim Director
785-628-4091 (o)
785-639-2624 (bc)

Hugo Perez
Picture of Hugo Perez

Assistant Director
Transfer Coordinator
785-628-4020 (o)
785-639-3639 (bc)

Haley Gomes
Picture of Haley Gomes

Admissions Counselor
Southern Colorado
785-628-5723 (o)
785-650-8011 (bc)

Dani Hartung
Picture of Dani Hartung

Admissions Counselor
Southwest Kansas
785-628-4044 (o)
785-639-3575 (bc)

Katie Hindman
Picture of Katie Hindman

Admissions Counselor
Eastern Kansas
785-628-5724 (o)
785-639-3743 (bc)

Erica Meneses
Picture of Erica Meneses

Multicultural Admissions Counselor
785-628-4503 (o)
785-639-2579 (bc)

Kyle Stacken
Picture of Kyle Stacken

Admissions Counselor
Central Kansas
785-628-5722 (o)
785-639-2907 (bc)

Emi Kniffin
Picture of Emi Kniffin

Admissions Counselor
Northern Colorado
785-628-4671 (o)
785-639-1375 (bc)

Carolyn Tatro
Picture of Carolyn Tatro

Admissions Counselor
785-628-5667 (o)
785-639-3738 (bc)

Brandon Taylor
Picture of Brandon Taylor

Admissions Counselor
Northwest Kansas/Nebraska
785-628-4042 (o)
785-639-3653 (bc)

Janna Wilkinson
Picture of Janna Wilkinson

Admissions Counselor
Central Kansas
785-628-4495 (o)
785-639-2944 (bc)

Tiffany Reddig
Picture of Tiffany Reddig

Marketing Coordinator

Stephanie Dinges
Picture of Stephanie Dinges

Administrative Assistant
Campus Tour Office

Patty McCullick
Picture of Patty McCullick

Administrative Assistant
Campus Tour Office

Tina Wolbert
Picture of Tina Wolbert

Administrative Assistant
Student Information Processing

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