Governmental Services Survey

Why conduct Governmental Services Surveys?

Citizens expect that state and local agencies be accountable to the public. One of the ways to meet this expectation is through using scientific survey methods to accurately assess opinions about the quality of your agency's programs and services.

What Can a Government Services Survey Assess?

The Docking Institute's UCSR can help you assess:

  • Perceptions regarding the policies and programs you administer
  • Local citizen involvement in programs
  • Staff professionalism and courtesy
  • Accuracy of information provided to citizens
  • Promptness and convenience of service provided
  • System redundancies
  • Other pertinent information specific to your programs and services

The survey's findings can assist you in decision-making that will affect programs and operations. Because the quality assurance survey is done by an independent organization, the survey's results will have credibility with elected leaders and the public.

Custom Services from the Docking Institute

The UCSR will work with you to develop a government services survey project tailored to your specific concerns and needs. Professional services provided by the UCSR include:

  • Development of a questionnaire
  • Set up a Sampling Plan
  • Develop report based on analysis of the survey data
  • Time frame for the successful completion of the project
  • Text and electronic report format
  • Public presentation of the findings
  • Recent Surveys and Clients

The Docking Institute has performed recent government services surveys for the following clients:

  • City of Garden City
  • City of Hays
  • Kansas Forestry Services
  • Kansas Justice Commission
  • Kansas Small Business Development Center

Copies of Docking Institute surveys and studies can be accessed through our archives.

Cost of Services and Contact

A custom proposal and cost estimate is available upon request at no cost. Contact Director of the University Center for Survey Research, Mike Walker.

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