FHSU MBA students place in top percentiles on nationwide exams

HAYS, Kan. – Several Fort Hays State University Master of Business Administration students scored in top percentiles on three nationwide exams, placing them among top graduates in the nation.

The Educational Testing Service Proficiency Profile exam assesses four core skill areas: reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking. The exam helps to meet requirements for accreditation, evaluate and inform teaching and learning and benchmark performance.

The students who took the fall 2017 and spring 2018 Proficiency Profile exams are listed by percentiles.

99th percentile: Kyle Grimes, Lawrence.

98th percentile: Nicholas Davis, Lawrence; Michael Denton, Augusta; Jason Foster, Mission; and Marcia Swann, Ulysses.

97th percentile: Braden Dreiling, Hays.

96th percentile: Erica Dinges, Victoria; Jacqueline Vinson, Eureka.

93rd percentile: Rebecca Ott, Mulvane; Elias Sallman, Lawrence; and Adam Wilson, Greensboro, N.C.

91st percentile: Jeri Braun, Lenexa; Michael Cropley, Norfolk, Va.; Alicia Wilson, Hutchinson; Tandra Wilson, Garden City.

90th percentile: Jamie Ellis, Garden City.

88th percentile: Chapman Dean, Centennial, Colo; Shewit Doherty, Denver, Colo.; and Hillary Jeanjaquet, Colorado Springs, Colo.

85th percentile: Jennifer Nicholson, Charlotte, N.C.

84th percentile: Sophie Amatya Dhoubhadel, Hays; Gordon Butler, Edmond, Okla.; and Rebecca Stiles, South Hutchinson.

The students who took the Major Field test are listed by percentiles.

97th percentile: Michael Denton and Jason Foster.

96th percentile: Jacqueline Vinson.

95th percentile: Rebecca Ott.

91st percentile: Jeri Braun; Erica Dinges; Renee Legleiter, Liebenthal; and Elias Sallman.

87th percentile: Chapman Dean and Adam Wilson.

85th percentile: Sophie Amatya Dhoubhadel; Alan Romans, Ashland; and Tandra Wilson.

83rd percentile: Michael Cropley and Marcia Swann.

The Major Field Test is administered by FHSU and was developed to assess the skills of graduating MBA students. It evaluates their abilities to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material.

The field test also provides an assessment of faculty teaching effectiveness and identifies areas of improvement in the MBA curriculum. More than 230 colleges and universities in the United States administer the exam.

For more information about the program, visit www.fhsu.edu/mba or email Rachel Dolechek at rldolechek@fhsu.edu.

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