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Online School Psychology Program

The virtual program in school psychology at Fort Hays State University is designed to offer a flexible and affordable entry into the in-demand field of school psychology.


MS Admission Requirements

MS Admissions Criteria

MS Program Curriculum

MS School

Application Process

  1. Go to the FHSU Graduate School website and begin an application
  2. The Department of Psychology requires the following list of documents. You may want to print this list for future reference.
    • Official GRE General or MAT score from the past five years send to the FHSU Graduate School. We do not have a minimum requirement.
    • Two professional letters of recommendation
    • Statement of intent, including career goals and your interest in the program
    • Transcripts from your undergraduate program
    • A completed interview questionnaire

Note. All students admitted to the School Psychology Program will be required to provide documentation of passing a background check prior to enrolling in coursework.

Upon completion of the MS program, students will apply to the EdS program in order to continue in their pursuit of school psychologist licensure.

Ed.S. Admission Requirements

The requirements below are minimum requirements for consideration of admission. Admission to the Ed.S. program is competitive, therefore, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. All applicants must apply for admission to the Ed.S. program.

  1. Two professional letters of recommendation (one from someone who can attest to competency, ethics, and ability to complete the Ed.S. coursework and internship; one from someone who has supervised the applicant in a group activity within a work or academic setting)
    • Applicant should advise their letter writers to include with the written recommendations:
    • Cover letter addressing the applicant's: (1) work ethic, (2) assessment skills, (3) professional ethics, (4) competency, and (5) ability to manage professional relationships
    • Provide a specific example of a difficult situation you have observed the applicant deal with effectively
    • Complete the interpersonal interactions rating table
  2. 3.0 GPA undergraduate coursework, and 3.25 GPA in graduate coursework
  3. Only one C accepted in graduate coursework (letter grade of C in statistics only)
  4. Interview (Skype or in person) (Department will contact you for the interview.)
  5. Master's degree in psychology or a program of studies that is substantially equivalent to the coursework requirements of the FHSU MS concentration in School Psychology, including documentation of oral or written comprehensive exams. A secondary option to comprehensive exams is to provide scores from designated sections of the EPPP psychology exam. Please submit an email inquiry to if you need information about the EPPP exam.
  6. If courses equivalent to the FHSU PSY 840 Appraisal of Children and PSY 880 Methods in School Psychology have not been taken within the past 3 years, they will need to be taken as a condition of admittance.
  7. GRE: General Exam or MAT (scores must have been obtained in the past five years prior to your date of admission)
  8. Transcripts
  9. Vita
  10. Personal Statement (see supplemental material) including:
    • Statement of goals for the EdS program and future plans as a school psychologist
    • Other information the applicant would like us to know, which may provide the admissions committee with a more detailed picture of the applicant's qualities
  11. Responses to vignette scenario questions (see supplemental material)


 EdS Program Curriculum



Internship and Practicum Experiences

Upon Completion of the EdS program a 1,200-hour supervised internship is completed. Candidates are required to enroll in internship hours as a non-degree seeking student.

Interested in the Program?

Contact Jessica Feldhausen, Director of the School Psychology Program

Jessica Feldhausen

Jessica Feldhausen



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