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Entrepreneurship Camp

Dr. Robert Lloyd, program director
Phone: 316-284-5245

FHSU presents "Entrepreneurship Camp"

You’re invited to the campus of Fort Hays State University

June 1 – June 4, 2018


FHSU’s Entrepreneurship Camp offers high school students the opportunity to grow in their understanding of entrepreneurship and the value of free market enterprise. The focus will be on business growth through free exchange of resources and how this impacts economic growth and prosperity.

This camp is limited to 30 participants, which means being selected is a competitive process.  All high school students are eligible to apply, with preference given to those entering their junior and senior years.

Most summer camps require you to pay a registration fee to attend. However, for this camp, there is no registration fee because a private grant has fully funded the program. If you are selected to attend, all expenses are paid which includes meals, housing, activities and a travel stipend.


Corporate Entrepreneurship Simulation
Entrepreneurship is not just for individual enterprises or small business owners.  It is for anyone interested in improving their environment through innovation and creation of new ways of thinking.  The purpose of this activity is to highlight the entrepreneurial mindset that can take place within the corporate environment. This also will allow students to form relationships with their fellow scholars at camp. 

Etiquette-Dinner.jpgEtiquette Dinner
Learn the essential tips and tricks to professionalism in a formal dinner. This event will provide students with insights on the proper etiquette of dining, a much needed skill in today’s business environment. Be sure to note on your application whether you have food allergies or gluten restrictions.

The Invisible Hand Exercise
Students will see what drives cooperation between independent players in the market.  Coined by Adam Smith in 1776, the term “invisible hand” implies that we all make decisions that are in our self-interest. This exercise will illustrate this concept.

Breakout Sessions
These hands-on learning projects will be tailored to each instructor’s individual area of expertise. Topics include marketing, entrepreneurship, idea generation, creativity, and international business.

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