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How to Request Technology Accounts for Student Employees

If you would like to request TigerNetIDs for your FHSU stduent employees and graduate assistants, simply submit a Technology Support request form (select the Student Employee New Hire/Visitor Services option), and include the following information for each employee:

  • First and last name
  • 8-digit FHSU ID
  • Department
  • Job title (student employee, grad assistant, etc)
  • List of folders on the N: drive that this person should have access to (if applicable)
  • List of shared mailboxes that this person should have access to (if applicable)
  • Additional services needed (PowerFAIDS, ImageNow, etc)

You may include multiple employees in a single email.

Your email will trigger a new ticket in our ticketing system, KACE.  The ticket will beassigned to whoever is creating new accounts (Jessica States for now).  You’ll receive an email with instructions once the accounts are created.

Allow 3 business days for TigerNetIDs to be generated.  If additional services are needed, allow 2 extra business days.

What is a .se account?

Student employees and graduate assistants may be assigned a second TigerNetID to use while they’re at work.  We add “.se” to the end of their regular TigerNetID to come up with their username.  ”se” stands for student employee.

Who needs a .se account?

Any student employee or graduate assistant who will use FHSU computers or computing resources as part of their job at FHSU needs a .se account.  If they only need the computer to manage their time in Workday, then they don’t need a .se account.

What is the .se account used for?

This account can be used for Windows login, Outlook email, Cascade (used to edit FHSU web pages), Lotus Notes workflow, and WorkDay workflow.  Student employees need to use their student TigerNetID (username without “.se” at the end) to login to WorkDay.

Why should my student employees use FHSU Outlook email for work instead of their personal email or student Gmail account?

When someone leaves FHSU, we must make sure they no longer have access to any internal or sensitive information.  There are also times when we need to retain an individual’s work-related emails after their employment ends, or times when we need to grant a supervisor access to an active employee’s emails.  We can’t do any of that if an employee is using a personal email account, including their student Gmail account. 

It’s also a good practice to separate your work and personal email to protect your own privacy.

What do I do when a student employee is no longer employed at FHSU?

Tech Services is notified when people are terminated in Workday.  We remove access within 24 hours of the last day of employment, or within 24 hours of when we’re notified, if notified after the last day of employment.  If you are terminating employment with cause or have other reasons to make sure access is revoked immediately, you may email or call Jessica States, Aaron Roe, or Trey Lynd.

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