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Fort Hays State University Scholarships

2019-2020 Final Deadline: February 15, 2019
(Late applications will not be accepted.)

2019-2020 Priority Deadline: November 15, 2018

You must meet the requirements listed for each individual scholarship you apply for as well as be a full-time student during the 2019-20 academic year unless otherwise specified. To be considered full-time, undergraduate students must be enrolled in twelve credit hours per semester at FHSU and graduate students in nine credit hours per semester at FHSU. Unless otherwise noted, students must have earned a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for scholarships.

Apply now at The online scholarship application will automatically match and recommend scholarships for which you are eligible, as well as allow you to search for and select scholarship for which you wish to apply. You must be admitted to FHSU by February 11, 2019, in order for your account to be active to apply for 2019-20 scholarships. If you have not applied for admission, complete this step.

Additional scholarship opportunities will be posted throughout the scholarship application cycle (September 15, 2018 - February 15, 2019). Be sure to log back into your Scholarship account periodically to view additional opportunities that may be available.

Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen
By taking the ACT or SAT, an incoming freshman could be eligible for one of four scholarship programs that are based solely on the student's highest composite ACT/SAT score.

To apply for one of the Freshman Academic Awards:

  1. self-report your scores on your FHSU applications for admission,
  2. submit your scores to FHSU through ACT by coding 1408 or SAT by coding 6218 on your exam, or
  3. send a copy of your ACT/SAT test results to the Scholarship Services Office.

In order to receive a Presidential Award of Distinction, University Scholar Award, Hays City Scholar Award, or Traditions Scholar Award, ACT/SAT scores must be received by FHSU before June 1, 2019. All freshman academic awards offered to students but not accepted are VOID after July 1, 2019.

More information about Freshman Scholarships is available at

The Freshman Academic Awards are partially funded by the following scholarship funds and individuals:

Floyd Bedker Scholarship, Beeson/Nygen Trust, Eva Campbell Davis, Clark and Flora Carlile, Arthur Courtney, Lois Cline Crissman, Edith and Harry Darby Foundation, Helen Davis, Lester Adrian Davis Sr., Endowment Trustees, Albert V. Erickson, Elgie L. and Nellie W. Fireoved, Esther Grant Education Fund, Russell & Lucine Hanson, Tom and Roberta Harkness, Helen F. Hornbrook, William A. Humbird, Lulu James, Jellision Trust, Lulu Kitterman Bischof, Harry R. and Elva Kraisinger Glass, Marva J. and Dorothy M. Lange, Harold Long, Stella Campbell Martin and Leslie Thomas Martin, Don and Norma Lee Matheson, Gilbert Meyer, Paul & Virginia Miller, Florence Muir Parks, Harvey & Della Niermeier, Harry & Clara (Hood) Nielsen, Alice M. Powell Estate, William E. Pywell and Brian Pywell, G.A. and Helen Rafferty Memorial, William C. Reed, Anna M. Reed, Carl S. Rohwer, Robert T. Schafer & Olive Reed Schafer, Dr. Owen R. & Sally L. Robinson Memorial, Jack Shade, Richard Spann, J.R. & Ethel Wells, L.D. Wooster Memorial Scholarship Fund, R.L. "Sam" Young, FHSU Endowment Association Endowed Scholarship

State of Kansas Scholarships
High school graduates designated as state scholars may apply for State of Kansas Scholarships. Applications are available online at The Kansas Board of Regents and in the FHSU Scholarship Services Office, 222 Picken Hall.

  • Kansas State Scholarship
  • Kansas Nursing Scholarship
  • Kansas Teacher Scholarship
  • Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship

Outside Scholarships
To find additional scholarship opportunities, visit our Scholarship Search page.

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