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Types of Aid

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Financial aid may be funded by the federal or state governments, the University Foundation, or private and community organizations. Students may qualify for more than one type of aid. Learn more to maximize opportunities for financial assistance.

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Grant aid typically comes from federal and state governments and does not have to be repaid (other conditions may apply). In order to apply for grants funds, students must complete the FAFSA.


Loan funds are available to students and parents to help pay for college expenses and must be repaid. Applying for most loans requires completion of the FAFSA.


Scholarships are available from various sources, including FHSU, the State of Kansas, and community organizations. Scholarships usually have specific eligibility requirements and have various application processes.

Student Employment

Students may find employment through the Federal Workstudy Program, the Departmental Job Program, or the Kansas Career Workstudy Program.

Military Education Benefits

Military service offers an array of education benefits. Recipients must complete various requirements to be awarded and continue receiving aid.

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