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Performance Management

Performance management is a process that involves planning, coaching, feedback, review and reward.

University Support Staff (USS) Performance Management

USS Performance Review

The Employee Performance Review is not just a form, it is a process that involves planning, coaching, feedback, review and reward. It is a development tool for employees.

  • Performance Planning - The means by which to plan and communicate performance expectations to all employees. Employees play a significant role in this process. The process includes identifying task accountability and behaviors.
  • Coaching and Feedback - Ensuring good performance by providing both formal and informal opportunities for the employee and the supervisor to discuss progress toward goals/objectives.
  • Reviewing Performance - Review demonstration of competencies and determine if any objectives should be modified.

Training on how to use the new Employee Performance Review has been provided to supervisors by the Director of Human Resources.


USS Performance Appeals

Any USS employee with permanent status (or eligible under K.A.R. 1-7-11) may appeal a performance review rating which is less than the highest possible rating. A written appeal may be addressed to the Vice President for Administration and Finance to initiate the formal Performance Evaluation Appeal process.

Performance Evaluation Appeal Process Flowchart

Unclassified Professional Staff (UPS) Performance Management

UPS Performance Review

A staff member should receive feedback about his/her performance throughout the year. Each unclassified professional staff member shall be evaluated at least once a year. Each unit shall develop its own evaluation process that will include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • The duties stated in the job description shall provide the primary basis for the evaluation.
  • The evaluation process should afford the opportunity for the supervisor and employee to review the job description and clarify or update it as necessary.
  • Goals for the coming year may be set and may become part of the next evaluation.

The supervisor will discuss the evaluation with the employee and provide an opportunity for discussion of the evaluation. The results of the evaluation shall be provided to the employee in writing. An employee who disagrees with the evaluation may appeal it through the appropriate administrative channels.

Such evaluations support any allocated merit assignment as well as provides an opportunity for the employee and supervisor to discuss existing performance and future expectations, goals and assignments.


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