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What to Bring?

The following is a list of items we suggest having in your residence hall room. It is only a suggestion -- you may bring more than this, but keep in mind the space limitations of a residence hall room (especially when shared with a roommate).


Shorts T-Shirts Sweatshirts
Sweats Sweaters Jeans
Belts Underwear Socks
Dress Socks/Hose Dress Clothes Pajamas
Boots Dress Shoes Shoes
Robe Gloves Hat
Scarf Coat Slippers
Work-out Clothes    


Toothbrush Toothpaste Dental Floss
Mouthwash Shampoo/Conditioner Hair Spray/Gel
Soap Deoderant Shower Sandals
Shower Caddy Razors Shaving Cream
After Shave Baby Powder Cotton Swabs
Make-up Face Wash Tissues
Nail clippers/File Pain Reliever Vitamins
Other Medications First Aid Kit Lotion
Aloe Sunscreen Feminine/Male Products

Household Items:

Cleaners Fabric Freshener Air Freshener
Paper Towels Carpet/Rug Bed Sheets (Twin Extra Long)
Mattress Pad Comforter Blankets
Pillow Pillow Case Wash Cloths
Towels Hand Towls Plants
Snack Foods Juices/Water/Soda Refrigerator (Not over 4.5 Cubic Feet)
Hand Soap Recycling Bin Laundry Basket/Bag
Detergent/Dryer Sheets Spot Remover Microwave
Utensils Dish Soap and Sponge Can Opener
Pizza Cutter Cups/Glasses Small Tool Set
Flashlight Tape (No Duct Tape) Sewing Kit
Clothes Hanger Stackable Bins Umbrella
Hair Dryer/Curler/Flat Iron Desk Lamp Alarm Clock
Fan Message Board Dry Erase Markers
Pictures Posters Camera

School Supplies:

Notebooks Loose-Leaf Paper Folders
Envelopes/Stamps Pens/Pencils Highlighters
Message Pad/Sticky Notes Binders Calculator
Ruler White-Out Stapler
Paper Clips Rubber Bands Tacks
Scissors 3-Hole Punch Backpack

Leisure Items:

Cards Stereo TV
DVD Player DVD's CDs
MP3 Player Headphones Batteries
Bike/Longboard Rollerblades Sporting Equipment

Important Documents:

Health Insurance Card Debit Card Checkbook
Important Dates Address Book Renter's Insurance
Passport/Visa Driver License  


Window Air Conditioner Non UL Approved Cords and Surge Protectors Ceiling Fans
Fireworks Any Pets (Except Fish)  

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