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Overview of Policies

Below is an overview of the main policies of the Residential Life department. For full policies and information, please refer to the Residential Life Handbook, or talk to a Residential Life Staff Member.

Most students can be accommodated comfortably in a residence hall. If you have specific questions about FHSU's facilities, arrange a personal conference with a Residential Life staff member prior to submitting a residence hall contract. Persons with special needs or requirements should provide advance notice to the hall director.

Alcohol: All of our residence halls are completely alcohol free. Possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the residence halls.

Drugs: Manufacturing, possessing, selling, transmitting, using or being part to any activities involving an illegal drug, controlled substance or drug paraphernalia is a violation of University policy as well as a violation of the law. Suspected violations of this policy are reported to the University Police and are subject to the University Student Disciplinary procedures.

Early Arrival: A student participating in university-sponsored activities which may require early arrival (athletics, band, debate, journalism and similar programs) may check into a residence hall early for no extra charge, under these conditions: 1) check-in is no earlier than one day prior to the beginning of the activity; 2) the student previously has submitted a contract for the coming term of study; 3) the student contacts the director of the residence hall for which he or she is contracted at least two weeks prior to the early check-in date and arranges a check-in time; and 4) the student is willing to accept an assignment on a space-available basis for temporary accommodations, if necessary. A student may also request permission to check into a residence hall early for personal reasons. Such a request may be granted at the discretion of the hall director in accordance with the conditions given above. A student checking in early for personal reasons will be charged for the additional days of occupancy.

Fire Equipment/Alarms: Each residential room has a smoke alarm. Each building is equipped with a complete smoke and fire alarm system. These devices exist for the safety of all residents and any tampering with or misuse of these items is considered a serious offense against the members of the residential community. Offenders are subject to criminal prosecution.

Notice of Non-discrimination: Fort Hays State University does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin, color, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status in its educational programs, employment and all other activities. In addition, the university does not discriminate on the basis of a persons genetic information. FHSU is committed to an environment in which students, faculty, administrators, and staff work together in an atmosphere free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, exploitation and intimidation, including, but not limited to, verbal, physical, or written behavior directed toward or relating to an individual or group on the basis of their protected class status.

Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed on the basis of their protected class status or are victims of sexual harassment should report such acts to the university Equal Employment Opportunity Officer who will assist the grievant in seeking redress through the appropriate procedure. The university's Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure applies to grievances involving students, administrators, faculty or staff. The EEO Officer may be contacted at 600 Park Street, Hays, KS 67601, (785) 628-4033.

Overnight Guests: Overnight guests are welcome on an occasional basis. - All guests are to be registered at the hall front desk in accordance with hall regulations.

Pets: No pets of any kind are allowed for reasons of health and safety, with the exception of fish in aquariums of 10 gallons or less. This includes pets of guests. Residents will be assessed any related cleaning or damage charges. In the past, returning an apartment or room to an environment free of all animal residue has resulted in completely repainting and re-carpeting the entire unit. Any charges related to creating a pet-free environment will be assessed against your student account.

Privacy: A student's right to privacy will be respected consistent with the University's primary compelling obligation to ensure the maintenance of an environment supportive of academic achievement and positive personal growth. The University reserves the right for authorized personnel to enter a room for any purpose connected with the maintenance, housekeeping and management of the facilities or for any other purpose reasonably connected with the interest of the University or the welfare of the student. The University reserves the right for authorized staff to enter the room of a resident and to conduct a limited, reasonable search of the premises in situations where, in the judgment of the University, the occupants of the room appear to be exhibiting behavior indicative of an obvious and/or flagrant violation of hall and/or University policy. Access to student rooms will not be granted to friends, relatives or other students by the university staff without the express permission of the resident of the room.

Room Assignments: The University reserves the right to make assignments and reassignments of accommodations. Single rooms are assigned on a space available basis. If a student requests a single room and one is not available, a double room will be assigned, and corresponding fees charged. Individuals wishing to be roommates must request each other on the Residential Life Housing Application Form. The University reserves the right to require single occupants of a double room to move together. Refusal to move or accept an assigned roommate constitutes the intent to occupy, and applicable fees will begin immediately. Residents may request a room change; however, the hall director must approve all changes, and the resident must make payment of any requisite fees in advance. Moves must be completed in accordance with the procedures and deadlines established by the director of Residential Life.

Smoking/Incense/Candles: Fort Hays State University is a smoke and tobacco free campus. Use of incense and/or open flames in the residence halls is prohibited. Candle warmers are permitted and encouraged.

Visitation: Visitation arrangements vary from hall to hall and within some halls. These options are described in each hall handbook. Cohabitation is not allowed in Fort Hays State University residence halls.

Weapons and Explosives: Firearms, ammunition, martial arts weapons, knives (with blades longer than 3.5 inches), explosives, paint ball guns, airsoft guns, blowguns, sling shots, swords, bows, arrows, broad heads, taser, and other weapons (including fake weapons) are not allowed in the halls. The use or display of any object or instrument in a dangerous or threatening manner is prohibited.In accordance with the State of Kansas Concealed Carry Law, residents who are 21 years of age or over are able to carry a handgun if it is concealed on their person, or concealed in a bag/back pack that is in their immediate reach. Students must store their handgun in their vehicle or in an approved gun safe within their room and must not give others access to their weapon, including the access to their gun safe.

An approved storage device has each of these characteristics: (1) it is of sufficient size to fully enclose the handgun while secured in an approved holster; (2) it is constructed of sturdy materials that are non-flammable; (3) it has a combination, digital, or other secure locking device that can only be unlocked by the individual using the storage device, but devices secured exclusively with a key lock are prohibited; and, (4) the device is constructed specifically for storage of a handgun and/or ammunition.

The possession/use of weapons that violates policy, endangers the health or safety of yourself or others is sufficient cause for immediate dismissal from the residential community without financial release and referral to the Director of Residential Life for further disciplinary review.

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