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NCKTC Gateway Plans

Experience Campus Life at FHSU! In addition to getting you on the right track to complete a bachelor's degree, the Gateway Plan gives NCKTC students full access to various FHSU events, programs and services while attending NCKTC. Detailed information about programs and events available online at

Benefits of this program include:

  • On-campus student housing (optional)
  • Free admission to FHSU athletic events
  • Complete access to the Student Health Center, Kelly Center, Wellness Center and Forsyth Library
  • Discounted admission to FHSU sponsored events
  • On campus student activities, intramurals and clubs

FHSU Costs & Semester fees:

  • FHSU Student Privilege Fee (semester fee)
  • Housing & Meal costs (if you choose to live on campus)
  • Parking permit (annual fee)
  • Student ID card (one-time fee)

On-Campus Housing

As part of the Gateway Plan, you have the option to live on the FHSU campus in a residence hall or campus apartment.

There are a few important things to know about living on the FHSU campus:

  • You must be officially enrolled at NCKTC.
  • You must abide by all policies in the "FHSU Student Rights and Responsibilities" statement, the "Residential Life Policy Handbook" and housing contract.
  • You are subject to the FHSU student conduct review process.
  • You have the option of participating in the meal plan.
  • Access to the meal plan and on-campus housing is subject to the FHSU schedule.

If you are interested in living on campus at FHSU, contact the Residential Life Office.

Steps to Success

  1. Contact NCKTC Admissions Office (888) 567-4297
  2. Meet with an NCKTC Advisor to identify your path;
  3. Enroll in the path of your choice
  4. Make payment arrangements with FHSU

Gateway Paths

Gateway 1 - University Path

Take a variety of courses that will transfer to FHSU.

  • 24 hours of General Education Credit
  • 18 hours of General Education credit + 6 hours transferable elective technical education credit
  • 24 hours of any transferable credit

Gateway 2 - Certificate Path

Follow a more directed plan of study aimed at providing you transferable credit to FHSU. Gain employable skills that you can then use to help support yourself as you work towards a degree at FHSU.

  • 30 - 45 credit hours at NCKTC

Gateway 3 - Associate Degree Path

Get the education and develop the skills you need to obtain an entry-level career upon graduation from NCKTC. Then, build upon that college credit and career potential by earning a bachelor's degree from FHSU.

  • 62 - 70 credit hours at NCKTC

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Have questions, or want to learn more?

Contact David Bollig, Assistant Director of Business Operations
Phone: 785-628-4245

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